About Mike

Mike Overton is an American film director best known for his film Savior (2016). After moving from his hometown of Burlington, Vermont to pursue his studies and career, Mike has created and directed numerous works in the prestigious film program at Dodge College of Film and Media Arts.

Known for his ability to capture the essence of a Hollywood movie, Mike aims to create a name for himself in the aforementioned city.  With a passion for genre film making, Mike isn't a one trick pony. Sci-fi, Action, Drama, Thriller, and Coming-Of-Age are just a few of his specialties.



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There's an unmistakable feeling of magic you experience when watching a film; something larger than life is taking place before your eyes. Since my childhood, that feeling has been a fundamental catalyst for the imagination that exists with me today. Through my work, I hope that I can evoke that same sensation to new audiences and inspire their imagination like those before me.


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PHONE:    (802) 881-5746    (US)



MAILING ADDRESS:   727 West Chapman Ave. 

                Orange, CA 92868